Basic yoga equipment you should have (part 1)

Basic yoga equipment you should have (part 1)

To best support the practice, you need to prepare yourself with the basic yoga tools. These tools will help increase the efficiency of the workout even higher. Here, we will introduce you to the top 6 most basic yoga tools you need to prepare.

Choosing the right tools will help you feel more comfortable when exercising, and avoid unnecessary injuries. At the same time, it will assist you in practicing difficult positions without causing pain to the body.

Each person will have different training goals. Depending on your training needs and goals you can choose the most suitable exercise equipment. If you are determined to only exercise, you do not need to buy too many tools. If you need to practice difficult movements, you should buy the right equipment to practice intensively. In addition, you can also go to yoga centers to practice because there are often enough tools for you to use.

Yoga carpet

Yoga mat plays a huge role in the practice process and is an indispensable tool to practice yoga. It helps to protect the body from unnecessary damage and creates a grip point that helps the body parts in balance. Yoga is a subject with up to 30% of push-ups with the joints of the arms, legs, and knees. Therefore, the yoga mat will help protect your joint areas from damage and impact. You may lack many other tools, but yoga mat is indispensable.

When buying a yoga mat, you should pay attention to choose one that can absorb sweat and ensure hygiene. Choose silicone or rubber patches for good adhesion. Also, choose a mat that is large enough for effective exercise.

Yoga hya

Yoga hya is a tool that helps deepen muscles, relieves stress in positions where your body is not flexible enough. Choose pillows made from soft wood. The most common sizes are 3x6x9 inches and 4x6x9 inches.