Basic yoga equipment you should have (part 2)

Basic yoga equipment you should have (part 2)

Yoga equipment includes many different types, they play a huge role in increasing the effectiveness of the practice.

Yoga wheel

If you often perform back pain movements, yoga wheel is an indispensable tool. It works to support back pain treatment and massage for the spine very effectively. You can use the exercise ring with back bends in any position.

Currently, there are many different types of yoga wheel. You should choose a bearing frame made of wood or plastic, the outside is covered with 1 layer similar to the exercise mat to create softness and comfort. The diameter of the ring is usually about 32 – 35cm, the ring is 12 – 15cm wide. In addition, you need to pay attention to the ring weight and the bearing frame is good or not; Ensures the ring is easy to move and use.

Yoga rope

This is one of the best support tools for yoga beginners. It is especially helpful in stretching muscles, performing basic stretches. Choose a string that is soft, stretchy, and easy to clean. Popular sizes are usually 1.8m long and 3.8cm wide.

Yoga ball

If you are planning to lose weight through yoga, yoga ball is an indispensable tool. Training ball will assist in burning excess fat, consume calories and help you exercise most effectively. At the same time, it also works to relieve back and hip pain very effectively.

This training ball is a popular rubber material. The two most commonly used balls are smooth and spiky balls. Choose a shade that is tough, durable, and has good elasticity; The ball diameter is usually 65 – 75cm.

Yoga hammocks

For those who want to try out with aerial exercises, the hammock is the most effective support tool. However, when using it you need to be extremely careful to perform movements with this tool. Moreover, make sure you are skilled enough to be able to do the yoga hammock exercises.