Best sports shoes brands in the world (Part 1)

Best sports shoes brands in the world (Part 1)

The logos of these shoe brands are on the feet of most famous athletes. They paid a lot of money to hire these athletes to advertise in the hope that fans would buy according to their idols. Have you ever bought shoes that look like your idol in the hope that it will help you a little faster, jump a little higher, or look like you look like an idol? Here is a list of the 10 most famous sports shoe brands worldwide:

10. Li-Ning

Li-Ning is a Chinese sports shoe company founded in 1990. With the design of ripples in the NBA when they signed basketball player Shaquille O’Neal in 2006. In 2012, Li-Ning became famous when Miami Heat’s Dwayne Wade agreed to represent the brand. His teammate Udonis Haslem later signed a contract with Li-Ning.


The name ASICS stands for the Latin “anima sana in corpore sano” which means a healthy spirit in a healthy body. ASICS was founded in Japan in 1949 with the original name of Panmure Co., Ltd. with representatives of Newcastle, Sunderland, Leeds and Aston Villa football teams.

8. K-Swiss

Swiss brothers Art and Ernie Brunner founded k-Swiss in Los Angeles in 1966. It was the first company to create leather shoes for tennis. White stripes on white designs are considered classics, Steven Nichols acquired the company in 1986. Popular with the “Put Your Spin on It” marketing campaign that allows buyers to design their own stripes.

7. New Balance

New Balance was founded in 1906 with the original name of New Balance Arch Support Company. New Balance rarely invests in expensive adverts. New Balance shoes are also often more expensive than competitors because the company maintains manufacturing facilities in the US and the UK. The NB shoes are known by names like 998, 574, 1500. In recent times New Balance has really created a fever thanks to the design of cooperation with major retailers.