Do You Need To Wash Gym Clothes Following Every Workout? (part 1)

Do You Need To Wash Gym Clothes Following Every Workout? (part 1)

All right, ’fess up—what is your frequency of washing your workout gear: Following every single sweat session? All the trips to the gym? No matter when you begin noticing one stench lingering on the high-waisted leggings you favor?

The hard-and-fast rule is not available for you to stick to when washing activewear entails.

People will not preach about how you need to be sudsing up when you sweat. Again, what is right is, you do not have to follow any specific rule related. There are, yet, some helpful tips as well as guidelines from many cleaning pros that can be useful for your workout clothes being longer-lasting.

You see, how often you should wash activewear is entirely dependent on the individual—say, the amount of activity, personal preference, and the amount of sweat that you produce. (Well, sorry, sweat monsters as you likely should spend more dollars on detergent compared to your friend that seems to just glisten at the gym.)

Plus, your laundry routine has to do with where you call home. The truth is, stay in the desert, and people may get away with hanging up their sweaty gear for drying between wears; have one humid house that even line-dried clothes remain a little damp, and people will want to wash following every wear.

Yet, keeping your kit free of dirt is essential—and you know, the sweat factor should be far from the one and only reason why.

You know, it is not the sweat that produces odor, but bacteria—and they love moist environments such as sweaty clothes.

For sure, all of us have some yeast as well as bacteria on the bodies naturally, and it will not cause a problem. Yet, if you get in clingy (also, not-so-breathable) workout outfits and the bacteria balance gets out of whack. Then, you can get one rash.