Roger Federer launched a new line of sneakers

Roger Federer launched a new line of sneakers

“Swiss Express Train” Roger Federer has launched his first sneaker line with On – the Swiss sportswear brand that he joined as an investor in the fall of 2019.

The fact that the name of a famous tennis player like Roger Federer appears on the shoes is a smart move, helping the On brand to compete with the “giants” in the sports shoes market. However, he wanted The Roger to be a tennis-inspired sneaker that anyone could wear.

Classic sneakers have become an indispensable foundation in modern wardrobe, an item that can be combined with all types of clothing, from dusty materials like jeans to elegant, luxurious suits. At first glance, The Roger is similar to other sneaker lines on the market: beautiful, white and low neck. This is also On’s second “lifestyle” line, following the release of Cloudnova, which has been out of stock since the spring of 2020. These shoes also appear as the first sports shoes without a signature. The branding and base also use On’s previously released CloudTec technology.

As the name suggests, this shoe not only has a cloud-like design, but it also offers such a soft, fluffy feeling. Roger Federer had long enjoyed seeing people in Switzerland wearing On’s clothes on every street. Up to the design with his name, the player still decided to apply a part of bouncy technology on The Roger but cleverly hid it inside to bring a neat, neat look to the shoe.

Although not a dedicated running shoe, but The Roger is considered to be worth the investment because of the comfort it brings. Those are shoes with rubber soles that are quite bulky. Players have applied the technology of the new era to provide a more comfortable experience. However, the above problem is also quite “headache” because the proprietary technology CloudTec is what brought On’s reputation.

The challenge was how to combine the soft, smooth sole with technological tweaks without increasing the weight of the shoe. The first version of Roger was considered too cumbersome. As a result, the design team revised it and as a result the shoe weighs only one third the weight of other sneakers. Moreover, the product is made from artificial leather, which is extremely environmentally friendly. In addition, this shoe also adds a Speedboard to the sole to improve runners speed.