Top 3 Tennis Racket Brands in 2018

Top 3 Tennis Racket Brands in 2018

If you still wonder which tennis racket to choose, you should know the tennis racket market is now “dominated” by the four biggest firms, including Head, Wilson, Babolat, Prince. Each brand has its own distinctive features, advanced technologies as well as extremely unique designs.

1. Head tennis racket

The brand has 4 product lines for many types of user: professional play, competition, amateur, and beginner. Each racquet line has the best characteristics for each user. The common feature is to bring stability and strength with professional balls for players. There are many professional tennis players that choose to use this racquet brand such as Djokovic, Sharapova, etc.

The most notable racquets in this racquet line include Head Graphene XT Radical Lite, Head YouTek Graphene Speed, Head YouTek Graphene Instinct, Head YouTek Graphene Prestige, and Head YouTek Graphene Radical.

2. Wilson tennis racket

As a top quality tennis brand in the market, almost every tennis player knows the racket brand Wilson. The world’s top tennis players use Wilson tennis rackets with the superiority that this racket brings. Wilson tennis rackets are traditionally designed, using modern techniques, technologies and materials. The most notable racquet of Wilson is Pro Staff tennis racket, which is in favor of legend Roger Federer and many other players.

Top 3 Tennis Racket Brands in 2018

3. Babolat tennis racket

When it comes to legendary players that choose this racket brand, it is a must to mention Rafael Nadal. The racquet has the stability and strength in each shot, helping the player to control the ball better, taking the initiative in every game. The most outstanding rackets of this brand are Aero and Aeropro.

The best tennis racket is not the most expensive or the most famous but the one that is the most suitable, not only for your own feeling but also the ability to effectively hit. Be a smart customer!