Top 5 Sports Fashion Trends for This Autumn (2019)

Top 5 Sports Fashion Trends for This Autumn (2019)

As a lover and person in charge of fitness, I have visited many activewear brand previews each month. I have chatted with a couple of fashion editors regularly. Above all, I have seen a multitude of sportswear. That is why I have become a so-called pro at figuring out the sports fashion trends. Below are the main ones I have been seeing and falling heads and heels over this autumn.

1. Sports bras with the high neck

I am reasonably sure that this trend for sports bras can take a single-handed responsibility for persuading an increasing number of women to spend their time in the gym. On top of that, there is one less laundry piece full of sweaty to wash, is not there?

2. Ton-sur-ton sets

These matching sets used to a secret behind a put-together appearance in seconds. Still, now, many people know that secret. You can search for different choices to suit various styles.

3. Tie-dye

The hippie fashion’s height has, these days, made its way to the sportswear scene. The game’s name here is no subtlety, but everything about fantastic flower-child vibes.

4. Sustainability

Are you an eco-conscious exerciser? Then, you now have more choices than ever. An increasing number of brands has streamlined the supply chains. They have invested in recycled or renewable materials. Also, they have reduced the environmental costs of making and shipping the clothing.

5. Logos

Champion and other heritage companies that ushered in the mania of logos in the 90s have reissued old designs and made new ones that bring the throwback feels. At the same time, labels such as P.E Nation have been interpreting the look of the logo freshly again.

In short

We hope the list above gives you an idea of what is trendy today. Remember, shop for the best fit for your needs and wants since you deserve it.