What is special about volleyball shoes?

What is special about volleyball shoes?

With indoor playing conditions, volleyball match shoes have many differences compared to other types of sports shoes.

Volleyball shoes look quite similar to regular shoes however, in reality they are quite different.

The first difference between a volleyball shoe is in its sole surface. Volleyball shoe soles are always covered with a special flexible rubber coating.

This rubber is designed to provide excellent grip on standard volleyball court surfaces and prevent shoes from skating on the floor. The grip strength helps to ensure a stable standing position and helps reduce the likelihood of player ankle injuries.

Meanwhile, other types of shoes almost do not own this special rubber material.

The second special feature of basketball shoes lies in the sole designed to protect the front half of the foot.

Due to the nature of volleyball, players often have to bounce high to block and hit the ball. So the pressure on the ground to fall on the half of the forefeet is enormous.

Therefore, volleyball soles are often designed with special cushions to fully absorb the impact forces.

These seals can be made of foam, gel material or air cushion, depending on the manufacturer’s technology.

Volleyball players often move back and forth at a fairly high speed. As a result, volleyball shoe soles are often made with a fairly large contact area.

As a result, the players will move steadily from side to side without worrying about tipping their ankles or experiencing serious injuries.

The latex lining on a volleyball shoe‘s sole is often prone to wear and tear. Therefore, you should limit the use of volleyball shoes on rough and rough surfaces. Volleyball shoes should be used only in the game field.

Asics is considered a giant volleyball shoes from Japan. This company is known for its Gel damping technology. This technology uses a special gel layer that absorbs all the force when it is grounded.

Mizuno is also another famous shoe company from Japan. Instead of using Gel, the company uses plastic wavy pieces to minimize the force as springs.

Mizuno together with Asics form a couple that dominates most of the volleyball shoe market today.