2 Biggest Sports Shoe Brands In The World

2 Biggest Sports Shoe Brands In The World

The nineteenth century was the “golden years” of various fields in life, including sports shoes. Today, in a vibrant and rich new century, specialized sports clothing and footwear products are becoming more popular and stylish. Let’s check out two biggest shoe brand in the world!


Nike sports shoes carry the spirit of “Just do it” that the world knows today from 1964 in the United States. Formerly, the company Blue Ribbon Sports was founded by William Jay “Bill” Bowerman and Phil Knight. The company changed its name to “Nike” in 1978, taking the name of the Nike god in Greek mythology, a symbol of victory.

Nike is not only the world’s most successful sportswear brand, but also a representative of American fashion and culture. The leading position is maintained by Nike’s constant spirit of innovation, creativity and inspiration. The brand provides a full range of shoes for all sports, focusing on the development of technical characteristics and technological improvements.


“All Day I Dream About Sport” is the way that Adidas sports shoe lovers visualize and interpret each letter of the brand name. The dreamy shoes are for those who dream of the pinnacle of talent and fame, stemming from the intense passion for sports of young Adolf Dassler.

2 Biggest Sports Shoe Brands In The World

The Adidas brand’s first sneakers were launched in the early 20s, in the laundry room of the Dassler family in a small town of Bavaria, Germany. Adolf Dassler and his brother Rudolf (who later left Adidas and founded the Puma brand) founded Gebruder Dassler Schuhfabrik in 1924.

Rapid success in Adidas’ early years came from Olympic events. Today, Adidas is the leading brand in sports and fashion sports, the pride of Germany – where sportsmanship is likened to a “religion”.