3 famous male sports bags in the world

3 famous male sports bags in the world


Adidas is a famous sports equipment brand in Germany. The company was founded in 1948 and is named after its founder. The company registered the trademark on August 18, 1949 with the logo of diagonal stripes parallel to each other, after which the company’s products were also designed based on this logo. Not only famous for male sports travel bag products, but Adidas also provides many sports products and tools such as clothes, shoes, etc. Across the international sports arena as well as on the street, You will easily catch the logo of this company. Adidas bags are usually made of 100% Polyester material, with a U-shaped main compartment, a healthy, dynamic 2-tone sport design, with both horizontal and 2-strap straps, various sizes So you can use it to practice sports or travel very well.


Adidas‘ most formidable competitor is the Nike sports equipment manufacturer based in the United States. With diverse designs serving from sports athletes to fans, Nike’s market segment is quite large and popular around the world. The Nike sports bag is not only popular in the United States but also resonates in many other countries around the world. As the demand of consumers increases, the competition of these two sports companies becomes bigger and bigger, so the products are constantly being improved and frequently released the latest models.


Puma is also a major German sports brand based in Bavaria, with its main products being sports shoes and equipment, but Puma, therefore, neglects sports bags. Puma’s bag is quite similar to Adidas but has an open and close design next to the bag, with a separate shoe compartment, and inside the pocket there is also a small, convenient lock. The Puma sports bag with its logo and brand has a wide coverage in many countries around the world. These 3 sports companies are constantly improving the design and quality to compete with each other, which makes customers like us more and more perfect choices.