5 most famous golf clubs brands in the world (part 1)

5 most famous golf clubs brands in the world (part 1)

When choosing golf clubs, players tend to choose products from famous golf brands to get the best quality products. To make it easier for readers to choose golf clubs, Golftimes will make a list of the top 5 golf clubs in 2019 in this article.

1. Grand Prix

Publicly launched in 1998 by Mr. Koji Tanaka, the goal that the Grand Prix has been aiming at, is to create a “good – friendly – beautiful” golf club for all golfers, professional and amateur.

With his long experience as a leading amateurs golf player, President Koji Tanaka has recognized the importance of designing new clubs, to improve and improve players’ level. He and his colleagues joined hands to build the Grand Prix golf club brand.

After 4 years of quiet silence and hard work researching the world-class products, in 2002, the Grand Prix met the first success.

Professional golfer Kozue Azuma was crowned at the men’s Pro Tournament due to the use of the Grand Prix, along with this club, in 2005, two golfers Jan Easy and Yangu Nan won championships in various tournaments.

Continuing success, Grand Prix rose to become the No.1 golf brand in Japan – the country is considered the best golf club in the world, Grand Prix golf clubs are evaluated by experts. High in both form and technique. Compared with rivals, Golf Grand Prix often precedes technology innovation, constantly improving products to meet the increasingly demanding demands of customers, golfers look to this brand as a solution when Want to buy yourself a quality “heavy weapon” to improve the polishing distance.

2. Callaway

This brand is widely known in the United States thanks to its high class, eye-catching and excellent quality Golf products, callaway was established in 1982 and has been present in over 70 countries around the world.

The first goal of the company is to give golfers a great experience thanks to technology innovation, Callway has created golf designs and accessories to meet the most demanding requirements of all golfers.