5 Most popular famous golf clubs brands in the world (part 2)

5 Most popular famous golf clubs brands in the world (part 2)


TaylorMade Golf is a manufacturer of golf clubs, bags and golf accessories based in the US, this is a subsidiary of the famous global group Adidas. Outstanding features make the brand of the company a big sweet spot, straight trajectory, the structure is designed with high-quality materials, combined with the application of high-end technology to create world-class clubs.

Unlike other golf clubs, Taylor Made annually produces new models or improved versions from the available models, from which golfers can freely experience the great blows through New products of the company every five years.

Honma Golf

Founded in 1959, Honma is well known throughout the world for its sophisticated and precise processing technology and eye-catching appearance, which Honma aims to be a product line that exudes luxury, class and creates Accurate in the shot.

Owning Honma golf club set is something that all golfers desire, besides the attractive appearance, Honma sticks also have the ability to support extremely well with light weight which is very suitable for those who are not strong in bodybuilding and Health has light and weak swing, golfers are in middle age.


Mizuno golf set is another brand from Japan, not as famous as Honma sticks or products from Grand Prix, Mizuno is always “attracted” by golfers because of their sophistication in crafting and public application. modern technology into the production process, bringing unique experiences. Two lines of Mizuno golf clubs are the most popular golfers, the MP and EZ JPX series of new golf clubs.

Still know the golfer are very anxious to choose for themselves a companion on the grass, because the brand names always know how to create their own differences. However owning a quality product, coming from a brand in the top 5 most famous brands in the world, is something to be proud of for any golfer.