5 ways to choose suitable sports clothes.

5 ways to choose suitable sports clothes.

1. Material.

Because you can’t during 2-3 hours of training wear sweaty, sticky, very uncomfortable clothes. The body odor coming out makes you not confident. So look to buy Sport clothes with breathable material, absorbent quickly so that the body is always dry and airy.

The common fabric used for sportswear is Cotton mixed with spander yarn. 2 types of cloth surface with breathable holes, preventing sweat from clinging to clothes. The fabric is soft, easy to wash and dry.

2. Width

The width here is not to buy sportswear that is too wide, but not to fit too tight. Find a comfortable workout with your physique. Wear the clothes you feel most confident in. Because when choosing samples that are too tight, it causes difficulties in the movement process. The blood vessels are pinched, hard to circulate. Tight clothes make you tired easily, especially difficult to breathe when you accidentally accidentally torn, right?

3. Design.

Each person has a different shape, body. There are thin people, fat people, tall people short. So sports is to balance the body more perfectly. Eliminate the imperfections that make you inferiority complex. So how can those defects not be revealed when you wear clothes. That is to choose to buy exercise suits that match your shape. For example, the clothes should not be selected: bikini, jeans, shoulders shirt, hoodie, … or thin clothes that make it worse if you do not want to be the focus of the gym.

4. Underwear

This is the most important and most important note. In the process of exercising with vigorous exercise, a specialized bra for sports to help protect the body. Choose comfortable, breathable shirts so that you won’t cause chest tightness and itchiness.

5. Sport shoes.

List of sports shoes indispensable purchase shoes. Choose medium sized shoes. Shoes are meant to protect the foot from injury during training. But choose shoes that are suitable for the subjects you are studying to avoid cases of tripping.