How to choose a suitable ball for your football match?

How to choose a suitable ball for your football match?

Please refer to the points to keep in mind when choosing a ball for your football match.

Size changes according to age

Did you know that the size of football varies by age? In fact, the size of the football changes as follows.

Ball number 3: to about grade 3 elementary

Ball number 4: from grade 4 elementary

Ball number 5: from junior high school students or higher (including adults)

Depending on each digit, the ball size will change. In particular, the number 5 ball is the most popular ball with the largest size.

Many people may think that young children can use ball number 5 to get used to feeling and asking questions such as: “Is it okay for children to use the fifth ball?”

You should know the size of the ball is precisely determined by the growth of the bones and muscles. If we use the size of the ball is not suitable for age, can cause injury. So, choose a ball of the right size for the user’s age.

Choose balls according to the situation

Even for the same football, there are many different types depending on the use and it can be divided into three categories: practice, competition and decoration. Each one has a difference in the structure and contact materials. Each type of ball has more or less affected the amount of practice and motivation. Therefore, choose a ball that is suitable for the purpose of use.

Choose balls for competition and practice

When practicing or playing, be sure to use “verified balls”. This is the ball that passes the test of a quality accreditation organization such as FIFA (International Football Federation) or JFA (Japan Football Association). The quality certified balls from the two prestigious organizations are used by experts all over the world.

In addition, there is a ball called ball to train, and inferior quality compared to the experimental ball on bounce, rolling speed, durability, etc. Therefore, if you are familiar with the ball trajectory practice, you will be confused when playing officially. So, use experimental balls right from the time of practice.