How to choose the best attacking table tennis face?

How to choose the best attacking table tennis face?

Table tennis is a popular recreational sport today. The sport does not only require technique but also good equipment to play. Before buying the table tennis racket, you should carefully understand the features of the blade and its surface that you intend to buy. To choose a suitable blade and racket surface that suits your style, check out the article below!


There are three types of surface to choose including smooth surface, short-edged form surface, and long pips surface.

The short pips form surface is less suitable for strong blocking and returning balls. Meanwhile, long pips surface with longer spines usually turns the spin of the table tennis ball, making it difficult for the opponent to know the direction of the ball suitable for defensive play.

However, you should choose a smooth surface since good swirling ability makes a fast attack. This is also the type of table tennis racket that is most commonly used today.

How to choose the best attacking table tennis face?


According to the professional polisher, the thickness of the table tennis rackets affects the quality when polishing. The thicker the racquet is, the higher the attack ability.


The table tennis racket’s elasticity is also a feature to identify the best attacking table tennis face. That is also the reason why the racquet surfaces are made of rubber material and the higher the thickness, the better the attack. Because when the ball hits the racquet face with good elasticity, it will not sink deeply into the blade so it does not reduce the spin. From there the ball hit the opponent with a strong spin, faster and stronger.

Besides selecting a quality attacking table tennis face, the player must also pay attention to the blade part. Because the blade is a ping-pong tool for you to make polished hand movements and therefore, makes your game better.