Introducing Adidas sports shoe brand

Adidas is a big man in the sports shoe village – The giant from Germany and also the sports shoe company ranked second in the world in terms of revenue. There was a time when Adidas was lagging behind other sports shoe firms. like Nike, Under Armor Inc … But now the company is recovering with new models launched: NMD, Tubular, Ultraboost, and Alphabounce.

Adidas brand history

The predecessor was Gebruder Dassler Schuhfabrik, founded in 1924 by the Dassler brothers. Thanks to the sponsorship contract for African-American athlete Jesse Owens, the reputation of the Dassler brothers went to the wind. Before the Second World War, the Dassler brothers’ company always sold more than 200,000 pairs a year.

When the Second World War took place, because of many dissenting views, which greatly affected the company, the Dassler brothers split into two separate companies. In 1948, Rudoft founded Ruda, later renamed the Puma brand. And Adopt changed its old company name to Adidas since 1949. Although they are two brothers, they are independent and always become rivals in the market

Logo of Adidas

Since 1949, Adidas has 3 logos. All have a common point of 3 black stripes and so far it always gives customers that product from Adidas.

The first logo was announced in 1967. With a simple symbol of 3 parallel black stripes. Thanks to the impressive icon at first glance, the Adidas brand is known all over the world.

In 1971, Adidas changed its logo with a brand new logo. Replace with 3 simple stripes symbol is 3-leaf logo – The trefoil. Logo designed by the CEO of the company. Currently, this logo is used on its Adidas Original fashion products.

In 1990, Adidas once again changed the logo. Still, images of 3 familiar black stripes are arranged in triangles. Adidas explained to this symbol that triangles like mountains, to achieve the honor in sports, athletes need to overcome many difficulties on that path. This logo appears on all of its products.

Adidas’ golden age

In the decades of the 20th century, Adidas is the leading sports brand that dominates the world sports shoe market. Adidas’ strength is the production of athletic shoes, soccer shoes, and basketball shoes.

The unique position in the Adidas shoe market is no longer certain when the Nike brand appears. In just a short time, Nike took the throne of Adidas with rapid growth.