Necessary Equipment for Playing Golf

Necessary Equipment for Playing Golf

When playing golf, moving around the golf course is inevitable. So before playing golf, golfers will have to prepare the necessary golf equipment.

Golf is a sport where the tools and equipment used are always improved. The tools and golf equipment introduced here will help you play golf better and even help you create a passion for this sport.

Golf sticks

Golf sticks are the first important thing when playing golf. Golf sticks are divided into 3 categories: light sticks, iron sticks and wooden sticks. A set of golf clubs will consist of 14 strokes, which is also the maximum stroke allowed on a golf course. When you first started, you only needed six sticks, including a wooden 5-stick, a 6 and 8 iron stick, a wedge stick, and a light stick.

Golf ball

If the golf stick is the first important thing, the golf ball will be the second important item. There are two types of balls: solid and hollow.

Necessary Equipment for Playing Golf

Hollow balls have three patterns while solid ball has two patterns. The compression of them is different, giving different phases depending on the player’s choice.

Golf towel

You should use golf towels with special pins to keep the face of the golf stick clean. Thoroughly wipe the balls before placing it to hit.

Tee to put the ball

Ball placement will give you a suitable height from polished wooden sticks from the starting point. There are two types of piles: plastic and wood. You should bring both types of piles to use them in all types of terrain. And professional players often use wooden piles.

Golf shoes

When you go to the golf yard, you should bring your favorite golf shoes. They will make it easier for you to travel much on the grass and sand terrain in the golf course. They will also help you keep your balance when playing.