Origin and history of basketball

Origin and history of basketball

James Naismith is the father of basketball

Dr. James Naismith (November 6, 1861 – November 28, 1939) was a gym teacher, doctor, and Canadian-American coach. He was the inventor of basketball and wrote a book about the first basketball law.

Born in Canada and studied physical education at McGill University. In 1891 he invented basketball while teaching at the YMCA. 1998 he received his medical degree, then became a coach and director of the University of Kansas

James Naismith who invented basketball

Basketball was born in America in 1891 by James Naismith

Basketball history

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Basketball was created by Dr. James Naismith around 1891 when the sport was mostly outdoor play. For cold winters, it is difficult for students to practice sports.

With a requirement of a subject that can be played indoors, there is a limit to space and the rules, but it must still ensure simple gameplay. From there he thought about using balls and hands to catch and throw.

Tables and baskets: Originally a combination based on the idea of ​​football and Lacrosse, however, the club was removed to avoid danger.

Initially Naismith intended to use 2 boxes at each end of the course to play golf, however, the players would be rude when standing in front of the goal and the player would stand in front of the box to block the ball. The idea is hanging high and the player will stand in the outer ring and throw the ball. At that time he hung the box in the gym balcony with a height of about 3.05m (10ft), the same height remained the same until now.

World Basketball: FIBA ​​- International Basketball Federation founded in 1932 with the first 8 countries are: Switzerland, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Argentina, Czechoslovakia, Portugal, Romania.

1952 Vietnam national basketball team was established and participated in FIBA, 1992 Vietnam Basketball Federation was established, 2016 first professional basketball tournament was held. The interest and development of this subject in our country is not as strong as chess and table tennis, so this sport does not have much influence, the teams compete in terms of quantity and technique.