Sports fashion is favored by many fashionistas

Ath-lesuire is the style of street style stirring by many fashionistas recently. Sportswear can create a Sporty Hip-hop style. If you are a hip-hop fan, you will see full-outfit colors that are worn by rappers every day or in your music videos. The reason they chose sport is the main inspiration for their outfit, perhaps from comfort, spaciousness, but still sporty vibes personality.

Samples of sports shoes, clothing, and jackets are highlighted in gold, silver and rose gold. This dress helps women stand out. Souvenir jacket is a favorite item at Seoul Fashion Week. snapback hat is an accessory that comes with athleisure and hip-hop style set. Plaid is an inspiration for the most impressive sports fashion. The Adidas brand also put three stripes to highlight its own brand. But it is not only covering sports pants or sneakers, but striped inspiration in sports also appears in baseball pants, shoes, and socks.

The wide felt pants create a long-legged effect for the wearer. Three sports lines also appear in legging models worn by Hollywood stars to the gym every day.

Sportswear is a simple and modern style. Athleisure also has a style of training fashion. Because the bodybuilder has become a trend, the tools that come with this practice must also be beautiful. Currently, going to the gym is not only beautiful but also beautiful while practicing.

Supersports is a famous sports apparel importer and distributor in Vietnam. Representatives of this brand said: “Supersports has a lot of shoes, costumes always updated in the world with full of brands like Adidas, Nike, Puma … In my opinion, beautiful fashion training will make you active. more training ”.