Top 5 most famous brands of badminton rackets in the world

Top 5 most famous brands of badminton rackets in the world

If you are wondering what kind of badminton racket to buy, the list below will give you some suggestions. Here are the best-known badminton brands nowadays.


This brand is from Germany. SOTX is famous throughout the European market. In 2002, SOTX badminton rackets entered the Asian market and within just over two years, the company’s badminton rackets have grown rapidly, achieving incredible sales and support. of the majority of users worldwide.


This brand is from Taiwan, the quality has been recognized in the world. The types of rackets from the brand are suitable for many users, suitable for many different weather conditions.


VICTOR is a brand of big badminton racket originating from Taiwan, established in 1968. Currently, the product has spread over 40 countries and regions all over the world. Although highly appreciated by customers, Dengli Chen – the owner of this brand is not really satisfied and aims to strive that “VICTOR will be the most developed badminton brand in the world”.


Lining is China’s global famous sports apparel brand, also known as “Sports Prince.” Established in 1990, after more than 25 years of development, Lining has risen to the position of the world’s leading famous brands. Badminton rackets are also the main product of the company, highly appreciated by users.


Currently, Yonex is still the leading brand of badminton in the world. High-class Yonex rackets originated from Japan, was born in 1946, intermediate-sized rackets manufactured in Taiwan and primary racquets made in China.

There are over 81% of professional badminton athletes choose this badminton racket as an effective assistant in domestic and international matches. If you choose to buy this type of racket you need to pay attention because it is very much copied.