Top 5 most popular sports shoes brand in the world

Top 5 most popular sports shoes brand in the world

Sport shoes are one of the most sought after products by young people today. If you are looking for a suitable pair of sports shoes, quickly refer to the list of the 10 most famous sports shoes brands in the world below.

New Balance

With a history of more than 100 years, this is one of the oldest brands of sports shoes. However, this brand is not lagging but always trying to maintain the freshness of its products. With trendy design combined with modern technology, New Balance has launched beautiful sports shoes.


DC is an American company specializing in manufacturing, designing clothes, shoes of all kinds … Established in 1994 by Damon Way and Ken Block. DC is headquartered in Hungtington Beach, California.


Puma is a German multinational corporation that produces shoes and sports equipment. Puma is located in Herzogenaurach, Bavaria, Germany. The name Puma is derived from the name of a cheetah, meaning it is durable, fast and flexible. These are also the criteria that the company wants to target for its sports shoes products. Today, Puma not only produces sports shoes but also provides fashionable apparel products such as shoes, sandals, bags, backpacks.

Under Armor

Under Amour is a famous fashion brand in the US, with the main products being men’s clothes, gym clothes, basketball.Dubbed as the most innovative fashion brand in the world, Under Amour causes Impressed by three things: innovative products, contracted with athletes of stature and scale throughout the world.


This brand of sports shoes was founded in 1966. Vans is now owned by VF Group. Vans specializes in providing sports goods such as t-shirts, bathrobes, socks, hats, backpacks. The Vans shoes are often street style, simple and quite comfortable.